School Uniform

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               Black fleece jumpers

              £9.00 up to age 12

             £11.00 S/M/L/XL (adults)


School Uniform

At The Gillford Centre we try to support our parents by making our uniform as inexpensive as possible. Most of our school uniform is inexpensive and readily purchased from local shops. We do however have a black Gillford Centre sweatshirt with the school crest and white poloshirts with the school crest which can be purchased directly from the school.

The school uniform consists of:

  • Black sweatshirt  (Optional school crest)
  • White polo shirt 
  • White crew neck T-shirt
  • Black school trousers or joggers (plain knee length shorts in Summer)
  • Black Dresses/Skirts and black tights
  • Black school shoes or trainers


PE Kit

There is no specific PE kit for the Gillford Centre, we would ask that pupils, on the days they have PE or Outdoor Education, bring a change of clothes for these activities

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