Hospital and Home Tuition (HHTS)

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Mrs Helen Jamieson


At our Hospital and Home Tuition Service we care for the most vulnerable young people who, at a difficult time in their lives, need support. The young people are referred by their school with support from the medical professionals. Our main purpose, while they are with us, is to ensure, where possible, that the young person is able to continue with their education and return to their home school as soon as they are able to. As a result the student is dual registered with us and their school and their placement is initially for a six week period to assess their ongoing needs.

The students are taught either 1:1 or in small groups to enable them to receive the individual support they need to overcome any identified medical, emotional or social issues in a calm supportive environment. Each young person is at the heart of the process and through a coordinated approach, involving a range of professionals, we deliver a personalised approach to their learning.


Staff structure

Rachel Clark- Headteacher (01228 226957- for any queries/questions)

Allison Schatz

Peter Ward

Helen Jamieson


How to make a referral

Referrals can only be made by a child's mainstream school  - Headteachers please refer to letter below dated 28-11-22

1. Read the Hospital and Home Tuition Service LA policy to check that your pupil meets the criteria for a referral.

2. Read the Hospital and Home Tuition Service Checklist and ensure that you have all the evidence specified. Without this, we will not be able to process your referral promptly. 

> Please note the EHA must be registered and 3 reviews completed and paperwork submitted as part of the referral.

3. The HHTS Practitioner form will not be considered as medical evidence if completed by a GP, member of school staff or parent.

4.  Referrals should be emailed in the first instance to: [email protected] (Headteacher)


Referrals will ONLY be accepted in electronic format and should be divided into the following sections.  Single (undivided) pdf documents WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

  • Early Help Assessment Form (last 3 reviews)
  • Early Help Submission Confirmation document
  • Supporting Medical Evidence
  • Medical Tuition Support Service form (replaces the HHTS1 form)
  • Attendance Data
  • Evidence of School Support
  • Any other relevant information


All referrals must be made with the full knowledge of parents/carers.


Any incomplete referrals will be returned    Late referrals will NOT be accepted

Next panel meeting will be held on Monday 8th July 2024 All referrals must be in by 12pm on Friday 5th July so the panel have time to read them through.

Please note that this will be for tutoring to begin in September 24 with the initial induction meetings to be held before the end of the term (by Thursday18th July)


Our HHTS policy is currently under review with the local authority




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