How is support from the PRU accessed?

School access support for a named pupil by completing a Referral document. Parental consent is required via the Early Help form. Parental views are welcomed.


Can I make a referral?

The simple answer is no but if, as a parent, you have concerns that your child’s behaviour at school is affecting his/her education, you should speak to the class teacher/headteacher. Alternatively, you can contact us for additional advice. 


What happens once a referral is made?

Once the school and parents have completed and submitted a referral form, a member of the PRU team will visit the school to observe the child and talk to school staff. A report on the observation and discussion is then written up before a decision is made. School and parents/carers are then notified via letter, on the appropriate decision.


Who can I speak to about the referral?

Staff at your child’s school are likely to be the first people you speak to. However, you are welcome to telephone the PRU for further information.


Does placement or involvement by the PRU mean my child no longer attends their school?

No. The main aim of the PRU support is to help your child to make positive changes in their behaviour so that they can either remain at their school or in the case of a PEX, we will aim for them to transition to another mainstream setting.

Any decisions regarding possible changes on the long-term educational provision for your child will be fully discussed with you.


Will the involvement of the PRU affect my child’s education?

Yes – but in a positive way! The school should already have discussed your child’s behavioural difficulties with you. School staff feel that they require additional input/support to help your child. The PRU offers that additional help, advice and support.


What is Outreach Support?

Outreach support involves a member of the PRU either observing a named pupil in their school or supporting schools with pupil transitions, strategies and evidence to go towards a different assessment.

The majority of these observations are aimed at discussing and exploring behavioural issues specific to that child and what the school can do to support that individual.


What happens if my child is offered a placement at the PRU?

PRU placements are supposed to be a short-term preventative measure. However the majority of the pupils who come to us in KS3 and KS4 are with us as they have been permanently excluded from their mainstream school.

Pupils academic progress, social and emotional progress and any other concerns are officially reviewed every six weeks, however staff at the Centre discuss any issues arising, positive progress, information from home and any safeguarding issues every morning before school starts and every evening during a staff de-brief.

Your child will receive a quality education in line with the National Curriculum requirements.


If my child is offered a placement at the PRU, how do I get them there?

Transport may be arranged by the PRU, if your child is in the Primary Provision, has a medical condition or is assessed as 'vulnerable' a taxi may be arranged to bring your child to and from the PRU. We also offer weekly bus passes for some students in KS3 and KS4.

Please note that there are restrictions on transport so this option is not always possible. Alternatively, you can choose to bring and collect your child yourself.


If my child is offered a placement at the PRU, do I have to purchase a different uniform?

No. At the moment your child will continue to wear their main school uniform. If your child is permanently excluded, the expectation will be for them to wear the Gillford Centre uniform.


What happens if my child is permanently excluded from school?

If your child is already attending the PRU, then they will continue to do so. PRU staff will contact you to discuss the next step. If your child is not attending the PRU, PRU staff will contact you to set up a meeting with you and your child to arrange an initial assessment at the Assessment Centre/Gillford Centre  and then a possible placement at the PRU. If the Assessment Centre feel that your child is able to manage in a mainstream setting, they will take a report to Carlisle Inclusion Panel and look to get your child a school through the Fair Access Protocol (FAP). If your child has an EHCP, then an EHCP review will be called by the Assessment Centre and through that meeting a school may be identified. 

 If your child is assessed and it is decided that they will benefit from a placement at the PRU, your child will receive their education at The Gillford Centre whilst decisions are made about their future education.


What happens if there are no place at the PRU in my area?

If your child has been Permently Excluded from school then they will take priority over any dual registered students. We aim to offer provision from the 6th day.

On occasions, it may not be possible or appropriate for your child to attend the PRU, this will be discussed with parents/carers and a decision will be made around where your child should be educated.


Do you support Early Years pupils?

Yes. However, as we do not currently have qualified teachers for the early years curriculum, we are only able to offer outreach support for pupils in Reception of a mainstream school within North Cumbria.


Is there a charge for PRU involvement?

Parents/Carers are not charged for this service. Any charges are paid by the child’s school or by the Local Authority.


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