The Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee


Roles and responsibilities


  • To act strategically,
  • To provide regular written minutes of meetings to the headteacher, identifying decisions taken or action required, and to keep a signed copy of all minutes at the school, available for inspection on request.
  • Review Curriculum Policies
  • Receive information and updates from subject leaders
  • Review school data
  • Be familiar with the school's assessment procedures
  • Review external monitoring reports on the work and performance of the school
  • Accept and review the School’s Development Plan with the Headteacher annually
  • Contribute to the school Self Evaluation Document
  • Discuss and review options for school structures on an annual basis
  • All other matters regarding curriculum and standards as they arise.
  • Ask the Headteacher challenging questions relating to school performance


Much of the curriculum taught at The Gillford Centre is dictated by the National Curriculum, however it is up to us as an individual school to decide how to deliver our curriculum.


The Curriculum Committee needs to ensure that the school curriculum is broad and balanced, and relevant to the needs of our children. 


They must also ensure that the National Curriculum is delivered in accordance with the legal framework.


As well as supporting the school in its implementation of the curriculum, pupil progress and results are analysed to help identify focus areas. 


The Curriculum committee review the data provided and help to identify, monitor, and review improvement and development targets. 


The committee also liaise with the SENCO to make sure special arrangements are in place for pupils with additional needs - whether be that a little extra help if they are struggling or opportunities to challenge the high flyers.


The Curriculum Committee must also make certain parents are kept informed about key developments relating to the curriculum and provided with the necessary information on their children’s progress in line with legal requirements.


Curriculum Committee

Faye Leedham (TA) 

Karen Taylor (Teacher)

Emma Hudson (STA)

Sarah Henry (SENDCO)

Caitlin Innes (English Lead) 

Rosie McDairmant (ASC teacher)

Robin Addams (Assistant Headteacher) 

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