The Assessment Centre

The Kingmoor Assessment Centre is situated on the Kingmoor Business Park and is staffed with a very small team of specialist teachers and teaching assistants.  We take small groups of KS3 and KS4 students who have been permanently excluded from school.  Being excluded can be a traumatic experience for young people and their families so we will endeavor to support the pupil and wider family through this difficult time.

We will assess the young person educationally, socially and emotionally.  We can call in specialist support from other services and work closely with, among others, Educational Psychologists, Social Care, Targeted Youth Support and our mainstream colleagues.

We provide a buffer when things have gone wrong at mainstream school use our time with the pupil to ascertain whether the student is ready for a return to mainstream schooling, would benefit from some time at The Gillford Centre or if more specialist provision is the best destination.

We will write an in depth report on the young person to provide information for parents and whatever setting is the ongoing destination.

Sometimes we may need to place students at the assessment centre if the mix of students doesn't work at the Gillford Centre. This usually is time limited and only if we have capacity.

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