School and Parent Feedback

'To all the staff! I just wanted to thank each and every one of you for all the support that you have given my son over the last few weeks. You all do not get enough credit for what you do for all of the students that attend your Centre' 

Gillford Centre Parent (Year 8)


'100% positive! If the Gillford Centre had not been in place for ____ his problems would have escalated off the scale. The Gillford Centre has been his saviour!'

Gillford Centre Carer (Year 6)


'____ has benefited massivley from this intervention and has enjoyed the time there. ____ is now able to engage in group activities and social times' 

Plumpton Primary School (Year 3)


'_____ has turned a HUGE corner since attending the Gillford Centre. He is now able to regulate his behaviour/ emotions. Looking at ____ within his class, yu would no longer be able to pick him out. He is now accesing thr curriculum and making good progress' 

Upperby Primary School (Year 1)


'Your provision has made a huge difference to _____ ability to focus and resist distractions'. 

Norman Street Primary School (Year 2)


'Dramatic progress has been made with my little girl. She has been assessed by The Gillford Centre and now has a diagnosis. The staff did not give up on here, no matter how difficult she can be! Her attitude and willingness to try new things is amazing! Thank you so much'

Gillford Centre parent (Year 7)


'Being in the provision has given ____ the chance to have his needs assessed. He has now restored trust in adults and is still using the strategies that he learned in your provision in his mainstream school' 

Gillford Centre parent (Year 4)


'Our pupil has benefited from the support at The Gillford Centre. The number of internal and external exclusions has reduced dramatically. He has developed his sense of worth and the provision gave him the time to learn self regulation.' 

The Bishop Harvey Goodwin School (Year 6)


'Positive male role models have played a huge part in _____s ability to manage in our school. He has people who he can look up to and he has learned strategies to control his emotions'. 

Trinity School (Year 10)


'_____s time at The Gillford Centre helped him remain clam in situations that he historically could not cope in. He has grown in confidence and is able to share his feelings' 

Gillford Centre Parent (Year 7)


'The structure and the daily routines at the Gillford Centre has really supported ____. As a school we were able to come in and work alongside the Centre to ensure a smooth transition for ____' 

Richard Rose Morton Academy (Year 7)


'The biggest benefit was my child learning to be empathetic towards others. he is now more tolerant and communicates with me' 

Gillford Centre Parent (Year 9)


'I will only work with the Gillford Centre, everything you do has the child at the heart of it. I like what you do and where you are going. I am excited to watch the journey'

Alternative Provision Carlisle 


'Theres some exciting stuff going on at the Centre! Some fantastic changes and I am proud to be part of it'

LA representative 

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