Our Primary Curriculum Offer

The Primary provision at the Gillford Centre offers full time or dual registered placements for students in year 1-6. Our ultimate goal is to provide the young people who access our provision a safe, enjoyable learning environment which meets their needs both socially and academically.

Teaching and Learning

We feel that each child who attends our setting should receive exceptional teaching and learning and we as a school, set high standards for pupils and staff alike.


To monitor pupil progress, children are baseline assessed within the first week of them arriving at the Gillford Centre for reading / phonics, writing and maths (problem solving & arithmetic). Further assessments are completed at the end of each half term and at the end of a pupil’s provision with ourselves. This provides us the opportunity to provide schools with accurate data and also identify gaps in learning that need to be considered upon their return to a mainstream setting.

Reading and Phonics

All Key Stage 1 pupils at The Gillford Centre will be taught the Song of Sounds phonics programme daily. Student reading books are linked directly to the sounds they have been taught during phonics lessons allowing them to achieve and read independently. All pupils are listened to and read to by an adult daily. Pupils are also encouraged and rewarded for reading at home. Reading books are sent home and are changed regularly.

Curriculum - Topic

This academic year we have adopted a topic-based curriculum. All lessons excluding Maths are based around a specific topic. This provides a broad and balanced curriculum, allowing the children to gain a wide knowledge and understanding of a selected topic. Children have found this approach enjoyable and with the introduction of specialist teachers coming to work with primary children they have excelled in many subjects.

Curriculum - Maths

Across all key stages in the Gillford Centre we have adopted White Rose Maths. This provides the consistency across the school and supports children develop reasoning, fluency and problem-solving skills. The introduction of ‘Maths – No Problem’ for our starter activities in Maths allows teachers to identify gaps in their learning. This then allows for them to request an intervention to take place the same afternoon to allow the child to access the learning of a specific area.

Behaviour and Welfare

It is important that we support our children in a way that allows them to return and be successful in a mainstream setting. We use various strategies, techniques and plans to support with this.  Across the primary setting we use Jigsaw PHSE, covering elements such as healthy relationships, friendships as well as Relationships and Sex Education.  Further information about Jigsaw can be accessed below.

A bespoke ‘Stress and Anxiety Reduction and Management Plan’ is created for each child to support staff in both in the Gillford Centre and mainstream setting meet their needs. It identifies how children present themselves when they are happy or feel anxious. It then provides strategies for keeping the students safe during anxious times and how they recover after an anxious period. These are reviewed at the end of each half term but added to on a daily basis if required. These have been described by mainstream headteachers as ‘extremely useful in supporting the children when returning.’

An Individual Educational Plan is also used to supply children with some targets for them to work towards.

Children are rewarded for positive behaviours at the end of each term with trips to a range of enjoyable settings across Cumbria. In past years, these have included, Walby farm Park, Energi, Kong Adventure and Whinlatter Mountain Biking.

For further information please contact Alan Inglis, Primary Coordinator

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