Osiris Outstanding Teacher Intervention

We are delighted to announce that we are part of the Osiris Teaching Intervention (OTI)

10 members of our team are currently undergoing the yearlong programme. 


This is an intensive programme for teaching staff. OTI is a sustainable process which has been independently proven to raise the quality of teaching by one level.



OTI draws on the best educational pedagogy, and focuses on three modules at the heart of improving teaching and learning;

  • Engagement
  • Feedback
  • Challenge



We decided to invest in this programme in order to;

  • Raise standards of learning
  • Develop consistency through shared clarity
  • Increase teacher confidence
  • Improve pupil motivation and engagement in lessons
  • Leave a sustainable impact across our Centre. 


As the Osiris Teaching Intervention is a proven process underpinned by research, we are confident that we are investing in a programme designed to create long-term, measurable impact.


Ms J Hewson 




To find out more about Osiris Teaching Intervention, please contact 01790 755 783 or email oti@osiriseducational.co.uk.


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