School Organisation

The building is zoned for each Key Stage 1, 2, 3 & 4 with separate entrances.  Pupils are taught in classes of a maximum of six pupils by a Specialist Teacher and a Support Assistant.


The Centre also uses three offsite facilities based at Kingmoor Business Park.  Two of these are for our KS4 vocational courses and include an engineering workshop and a unit for the Land Based Operations course.  The workshops are also used for KS3 resistant materials Technology.


The third facility at Kingmoor is the Centre’s very successful Assessment Centre.  This is where many of the referred pupils go for a period of assessment to identify their needs and the correct provision to meet these requirements.


The Hospital and Home Tuition Service has its base and Tutorial Centre within the grounds of school but is a separate and independent unit from the rest of the PRU.


Due to the broad and diverse nature of the Centre’s provision, we use senior staff to co-ordinate it effectively and the coordinators make up the Centre’s Senior Leadership Team who work closely with the Headteacher.


Management Committee Members
Albert Richardson
Andy Abernethy
Chris Rollings
Clare Render
Deborah Earl
Jean Jowsey
John McAuley (Chair)
Aileen Johnstone (HHTS)
Robert Hewson (Headteacher)
Kathy Scott (Teaching Assistant Rep)
Stephanie Ward
George Elliot (Teaching Staff Rep)