Mathematics aims to develop each student to their full potential. We provide varied and interesting lessons so that the pupils enjoy their work, often using games, IT resources and practical activities.

Emphasis is placed on developing basic number and understanding of mathematics in everyday life. Care is taken to develop a good understanding of Number and Money however a greater range of topics are explored for the more able. Table work is paramount in our pupil development.

Learning is enhanced by support from the Oxford Framework mathematics programme and My Maths. Each pupil has access to this on line learning arena. This helps in providing variety and support for individual learners and learning styles.

In Key Stage 4 we offer a number of academic qualifications with students encouraged, where able, to achieve a GCSE through WJEC. We also offer Entry Level and Functional Skills in mathematics and all pupils unable to achieve GCSE will leave with accreditation in Mathematics.

The teaching of Mathematics is challenging and varied. Students enjoy the many diverse ways in which the subject is delivered. Mathematics gives pupils a fun and varied experience which encourages the pupils to take part and contribute well to lessons.




The Science Department provides a relevant and engaging syllabus which aims to develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding of facts and ideas in Science and to develop their practical and investigative skills.

Learning activities includes direct teaching, practical and investigative study, games and interactive study, fieldwork and outdoor learning.

The Key Stage 3 syllabus complements and supports the studies that pupils will be undertaking in mainstream school and thereby helps to reinforce their learning and understanding in Science

The Key Stage 4 syllabus focuses on working toward G.C.S.E. and Entry Level qualifications.

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‘Lexia is a technology-based Reading programme’ and a new intervention recently trialed at the Gillford Centre which we have implemented into our curriculum and is now an integral part of our school day. It enables students of all ages and abilities to master essential reading skills.

Lexia is used at the Gillford Centre as a reading intervention at least three times a week. Pupils are allocated a 20 minute timetabled slot in either the morning or afternoon sessions.

Teachers of all key stages have regarded Lexia to be simple to use and easily managed, it assists phonics teaching, can accelerate our ‘at-risk’ students and can clearly report evidence of student attainment. Instant feedback and differentiated worksheets to support learning are provided. It also can inform planning and engages the majority of our students and can motivate even some of the more reluctant learners.

Students get age appropriate content and graphics to suit them, they learn independently and work at an individualised pace, they also achieve certificates to celebrate achievement.

A recent moderation of pupil attainment shows 100% of pupils across all key stages (1, 2, 3 & 4) have made some progress in attainment and 58% have made significant progress in their attainment.


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